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The mission of Aspyn Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation is to tend to orphaned, sick, and injured wildlife and successfully release them back into the wild. We also offer sanctuary for farm animals in need.

At Aspyn Acres we have a big heart for all animals. Our mission is to rescue, rehab and release Minnesotas wildlife as well educate the public to coexist. 

Our farm animals need our help too! We offer a sanctuary for disabled farm animals as well as those who’ve experienced bad situations such as neglect or mistreatment.

Aspyn Acres Wildlife Rescue and Farm Sanctuary

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 This little gal came to us from a farm because she was born blind. We figured our small set up would be perfect for her. She has made friends with our one sheep Harvey and is continuing to adjust. 


He was living in a backyard right in town and had lost his bonded friend. We had a little bit of a rough start as he was not on a proper diet, but with patients we got him all figured out and he is doing awesome. 


He has decided that Hazel is his little girly friend (yes he's castrated) and he just loves her so much!

Tilly is a Jacobs four horn lamb who came to us after being rescued from a dog attack. Tilly is completely blind and relies on the help of her people, and oddly enough, the poultry. Sounds help Tilly find her way around her space and the farm! Tilly has become particularly fond of her chicken friend Franny. 


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Aspyn Acres is a 501c Non Profit wildlife rehabilitaton facility as well as a farm sanctuary for animals in need. We are located on 15 acres in Southern Minnesota. 

We lost our baby in 2018 after a struggle with infertility. With the loss came a near death experience and illness that has forever changed my life. As I've always been an animal lover, I turned to animals in need more than ever and realized southern Minnesota has very few permitted rehabbers. This prompted us to take the legal steps to become a permitted wildlife rehabilitator. We bought the house and land, and started Aspyn Acres in her name. Since then we have also added our farm sanctuary, helping farm animals in need.

Rehabilitation is a labor of love and in return offers a healing, and most rewarding experience. 

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